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Esh Buildings, Inc.

918 NC Hwy 62 North
Blanch, NC 27212
(1 mile north of Yanceyville)
Phone: 336-694-7444
Fax: 336-694-7460
Email: info@eshbuildings.com

We are a family owned and operated business since 1995.

Quality & Affordable Storage Buildings

Sizes range from 8x8 to 14X30, and are available in three different roof styles.

Below is just a short list of the styles and options we offer.
For a more complete listing, visit our website or give us a call


3 Roof Styles:

Low Barn: Barn-shaped Roof

  • 4 foot side walls
  • No overhead storage
  • Some stacking capability

High Barn: Barn-shaped Roof

  • 6 foot 3 inch side walls
  • Overhead storage capability when lofts are installed
  • Stacking capability

A-Frame: A-shaped Roof

  • 6 foot 9 inch side walls
  • Stacking capability
  • Limited overhead storage.

Please note, the roof pitch on the A-Frames cannont be altered due to NCDOT laws and regulations. Our legal height on the trailer is 13"6".

Sizes Low Barn A-Frame High Barn




8x12 X X N/A
8x16 X X N/A
10x12 X X X
10x14 X X X
10x16 X X X
10x20 X X X
12x12 X X X
12x14 X X X
12x16 X X X
12x18 X X X
12x20 X X X
12x24 X X X
12x30 X X X
14x16 X X X
14x20 X X X
14x24 X X X
14x30 X X X

Esh Buildings are available in a variety of siding, paint, and shingle colors.

We also offer many other custom options.

For a more complete listing,
visit our website
or give us a call


  • Contact us for more details.

Dog Houses and Wellcovers

  • Contact us for more details.

Metal Carports and Garages

  • Contact us for more details.

Delivery and Installation

We will gladly deliver your storage building to your home.

We offer free delivery up to 20 miles: each additional mile is $3.00 per mile.

All 12ft. wide A-Frames and all 14 ft. wide buildings,, (both styles), require special hauling permits and escorts. This sometimes requires the customer to provide certain secondary road numbers to us to obtain permits.




Esh Buildings, Inc. Providing Quality Hand built and custom wood storage buildings, wooden sheds, Gazebos, Dog Houses and Wellcovers.
Serving North Carolina, Southern Virginia, Including Yanceyville, Eden, Danville, Blairs, Chatham, Martinsville, South Boston, Halifax, and surrounding areas.










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