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It Only Takes a Spark
By Gert Slabach


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Discover Southside Contest

June 2008


Here are the contest pictures and clues for June.

Clicking on any of the pictures will open a larger one in a new window.

Look at the pictures, read the clues, and then e-mail us with your answers.


NOTE: Pictures may be retouched to hide the names of the town or place itself.
Hey, you didn't want us to make it too easy - did you?


You will see this building between Danville and Martinsville. The store next door gets its name from this.

If you are taking "left turns" REALLY FAST in Henry County, you might spot this.

Don't "fly" by or you might miss this tower.

Deadline for June contest entries is June 30th, 2008


Send your entries to: contest@discoversouthside.com

  Include the name and location of each landmark. Be sure to include your name and the way you would like to be contacted if you win.

  We will not share your contact info with anyone. It will only to be used to contact you in the event you win, or to notify you of future contests.





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