Books by Gertrude Slabach

  Born and raised in western Maryland, Gertrude Slabach has claimed Southside Virginia as home for over twenty-four years. She is an RN and works part-time at Fuller Roberts Clinic in South Boston, Virginia.

  Gertrude and her husband Dave have six children; four sons and two daughters.

  She is the author of three books:

"Aren’t We Having Fun Dying?!", "Southside Glimmers", and "Always Mama’s Girl".


Southside Glimmers

  • Looking for an exceptional gift for a special woman in your life—her birthday, anniversary, or for Mother’s day?
  • Searching for a distinctive house-warming present, a gift for a Sunday School teacher or youth leader, a token of appreciation for your pastor and his wife or a dear friend??
  • Wishing you could find a unique present for someone special come Christmas?

Then consider Southside Glimmers


  • 198-pages; 11” x 8 ½” in landscape format
  • Eighteen full-color photos; twenty-one black-and-white photos
  • Full-color cover
  • A composite of articles first published in a monthly column, “Glimmer’s from Gert’s Gazebo”
  • Fifty-four articles (including some poetry) pack this book with plenty of punch, practicality, and principle
  • Seven recipes [included in the article “Cookie Cutter Christmas”]
  • Includes Subject Index
  • A unique gift for someone special or an attractive addition to your own coffee table

Southside Glimmers page views.

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Rebekah the runaway

Cherry Pits and Piggy Banks


Bluebirds, Forgiveness and Spring



Aren’t We Having Fun Dying?!

“Aren’t We Having Fun Dying?!”

  • 25 chapters
  • 136 pages
  • 14 photos

Published in 2005
by Masthof Press, Morgantown PA


  You will laugh and you will cry when you read this true account of a courageous woman. “This is a true story of a remarkable woman with a great faith and an even greater God.”



From the author:

  "Aren't We Having Fun Dying?!" is about my mother-in-law's response to her diagnosis of cancer and impending death at the age of 63.
  People asked me, "Why this title?" and so I put an insert inside each book. This is part of the insert:

"Mom always did like a party. She could make an event out of practially any occasion. So when she was diagnosed with cancer, Mom decided that since she was going to meet her Maker soon and didn't have much choice in the matter, she was going to have a ball on the journey. . . .

She taught us that dying was not something to fear. And if you're not afraid, then maybe--just maybe--you can have a little fun in the remaining time you have left on this earth. Mom knew Jesus, and she was ready to go. That's reason enough to party."


What others have said about this book:

  “I just finished reading your story — through my tears! . . . You have done a good job of keeping the balance between her humanness and her wonderful walk with her Lord right up to Heaven’s door.”

-- [Aunt] Sue Mullet


  “I am so glad you asked me to read this. I cannot begin to tell you how much I identified with some areas . . . your mention of laughter was priceless.
  I did not know Mrs. Slabach personally, but I always remember my sister-in-law telling me one time that Mrs. Slabach was the personification of the word love. That has always struck with me because I can’t imagine a better legacy.”

--Jonette Talbott, Family Nurse Practitioner


  “I’ll never forget when mom Slabach, after getting the news that she was terminal with cancer, told her family, ‘Don’t call it my death. Call it my arrival.’
  Her story was one of my favorites in my eleven years as editor of Focus on the Family Magazine.”

--- Mike Yorkey, co-author of the Every Man’s Battle series


  “You tell it like it is, warts and all. Its candor and transparency contribute to its power.”

--Herman Reitz, retired EMS faculty, Mennonite minister, and family friend.





These books can be purchased at Windmill Farm Bake Shop, the South Boston-Halifax County Museum, or by contacting Gertrude Slabach at: