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Discovering Southside
West Line to the Blue Ridge (Discovering series)

My Shelves Are Full
and So's My Heart

By Gert Slabach


Depot Poker Run
Event Article

Event Photo Gallery


"Treat Yourself To Art" - Photos
South of the (VA/NC) border - Art Gallery Event

The Straight Leg Infantryman
A Tribute
By Paul M. Steube



South Winds
(Joy Of The Game)

On The Funside
(Bringing the Family Closer for Halloween)
By Amy Hanek

Ask Bubba - Advice
A Bubba Thanksgiving


Editor's Page

V & B Comics
(Verrnack & Blupirk - Fun in the Fall Woods)

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Editor's Page

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

   In this issue we have articles and stories about life and the things for which we are thankful.

   I could write a long list of the big important things for which I am thankful, such as my health, family and friends.

   But I want to take a moment to mention a few things which may seem trivial, but are still worth a passing thought.

   November is a month where we can take some time to begin the holiday season and say good-bye to fall. Here in Southside it is month where fall gives way to early winter. I have lived in other parts of the country where, by now winter is often well underway. For this more gentle weather, I am greatful.

   I just finished a book titled, "If I Ever Get Back to Georgia, I'm Gonna Nail My feet to the Ground", by Lewis Grizzard. For many Lewis Grizzard was a newspaper columnist, editor, sports writer and more.

   In his book, he tells of the days at the paper putting the pages together with paste ups and glue pots. He talks of harsh deadlines, and troubling co-workers. And he reminds us that most of the writing was done on manual typwriters.

   As I sit here putting this issue together on a PC, (no MAC here) copy and paste is a matter of a few key strokes. Photo editing is done with sophisticated programs which, will resize several dozen images in less than a minute.

   I can't truly appreciate just how easy I have it. But I am greatful.

   November is also the month in which we celebrate Veterans Day. This month we offer a tribute to "The Straight Leg Infantryman" By Paul M. Steube. In case you missed it a couple issues back, another tribute we ran was called Yellow Ribbons and it might be worth a revisit this month.

   Please remember our Veterans, past and present. Especially those who will not be home for Thanksgiving this year.



WB Carver - Editor/Publisher      











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