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Farmers Markets Build Community
Buy Local & Eat Better

Once Upon a Bookworm
By Gert Slabach

Around Downtown South Boston
By Jerry Van Eimeren & Sara Davis



South Winds
(Man plans, God laughs)

On The Funside
("Special deer insurance")
By Amy Hanek

Born and Bred
(Worthy to Discover Southside)
By Michael Ray

Ask Bubba - Advice
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Letters to the Editor

Let us hear from you !


What Fun!

 A good friend of mine, Jean Hunter who you may know, emailed me about your web page and I must admit how much I have enjoyed the good read. It was twice as enjoyable by having the personal stories written by someone I know.
 I may, at a future date, share a couple of funny stories that we have lived as 30 years as an Air Force family provided a lot of fodder. I look forward to your next edition.

Carolyn Lewis
Halifax County, VA


Mrs Lewis,

   We are glad you enjoyed the issue.
 We would love to read some of your stories, as we always enjoy (and try to publish) stories from readers. In fact Jean contributed a story we plan to use next month. So be sure to check back.
 If you, or any other readers wish to send stories, just e-Mail them to:


This is a nice informative and fun site! Would the webmaster be interested in adding a link to the Historic Chatham VA site? Surprisingly we get tourists!

Nancy in Chatham


  Thanks Nancy,
We are working on some permanant pages which will be a great place for such links.
For now we have linked the site in your letter above.
Thanks for sending it.



 Dear Mr. Carver

   My friend, Gert Slabach, sent me this e-zine. What a wonderful "paper". I enjoyed your articles, Discovering Southside and Yellow Ribbons, immensely, and of course, Gert's up-close-and-personal piece, Berry Picking Time. My grandchildren are mentioned in her article.
 Just had to pause, thank, and praise you. Now on to the rest of the paper, and previous issues!

Tammy Nixon
Midlothian, VA


 Thank you for the kind words. Gert Slabach has been great to work with. Gert�s articles have consistently been among the most popular pages each month.
 We expect this month�s article, �Once Upon a Bookworm� to be another popular piece.

- Editor


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