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The Perfect Wine for the Perfect Day
Wine & Champagne for Weddings
By Robin Caldwell


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The Perfect Wine for the Perfect Day

Wine & Champagne for Weddings

   After almost a decade in the retail wine business, one of my most asked questions is to help select the perfect wines for the day that most consider the most important day of their life�their wedding day.

   When selecting your bubbly for the toast to the Bride and Groom, consider your budget. A true champagne normally starts at $45, and up. A good quality sparkling wine can be as inexpensive as $10. So what is the difference? True champagne, by law, must come from the Champagne Region in France, giving it the prestigious right to be called �true champagne�. All others must be called sparkling wine, asti, cava, etc. However, all are made in basically the same process, and with the same varietals of grapes. For younger couples and couples who do not normally drink a sparkling wine, I would suggest a sweeter wine, such as an Asti or demi-sec. One bottle of sparkling wine for each 15 guests is adequate for the toast.

   For the reception, first of all be sure to check with the facility, as some restrict red wines from being served. Again, consider your budget, as good wines do not have to be expensive! My suggestion is to offer an assortment of at least three wines; a sweet Riesling, a drier white, such as a lightly oaked Chardonnay, and a Shiraz from Australia (if reds are permitted). Don�t serve a White Zinfandel�..please!! Depending on the length of time of your reception, a 750 ml bottle for each two wine-drinking guests will be sufficient.

   Rehearsal dinner�.a whole different scenario. Your best bet is to take your menu, with main ingredients listed if possible, and personally speak with a wine specialist. There are so many options to choose from, depending on what type of foods will be served. If you choose to venture on your own with this, my advice is to consider the �weight� of your wine. An easy layman way of understanding the weight of wine is this, think of skim milk; light, thin, almost like water, vs. whole milk or cream, which contains more flavor and a heavier feel on the palate. Match the weight of your wine with the weight of you meal course. A salmon bisque served in a bread boule, considered medium weight, a light salad with a vinaigrette, would be considered light weight, and a hearty steak�.well, you get it.

   Again, if you have any doubts, ask a wine specialist! Best of luck and good wishes to you!


   Robin Caldwell
   Southern Gourmet
   Certified Wine Specialist










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