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Love Means...
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Container Gardening - Part 2
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Companion planting
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Outdoor Swing
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Pun Intended
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Southside Master Gardeners
(Class of 2010)

Halifax Heritage Festival (Photos)

Are you Guilty of "DWD"?
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Southside Master Gardeners
(Class of 2010)


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Southside Master Gardeners Association Graduates
Class of 2010

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Southside Master Gardeners - Class of 2010.  Click To Enlarge

The graduation of the Southside Master Gardeners Association 2010 class was held Tuesday, May 4th at the First Baptist Church of South Boston.

The class picture: first row l-r Denise Hudson, Karen Coughlin, Dayle Berger, Diane Evans, Paula Olson, Virginia Klucz, Jewell Giles, �Peanut� Unroe, �Doc� Clark and Bill McCaleb, Master Gardener Coordinator; last row l-r Dot Tarleton, Blair Stephens, Jimmy Watts, Tom Pouliot, Paulina Hartsoe and J.B. Tate.









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