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Home Remedy By Gert Slabach

Shadows On The Roanoke
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Keeling Fly-In '09
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South Winds
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Southside Gardener
(July "To Do List")
By William H. McCaleb

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Keeling Fly-In June '09

Photo Gallery

Fly-In Story & Event Coverage

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Hand built RC Aircraft showing electronics

At a distance this large scale RC biplane is hard to tell from real thing.


Some of the many RC Aircraft on display at the Fly-In

Safety is priority on the airfield

At the club field, even the weathervane (or windsock) looks like a model airplane


"Goin' Flyin'" - The Carnes family's RC Hauler

One of the large scale planes flown in the aerobatics demonstration

Chris Carnes' aerobatics plane


RC Helicopter in flight

RC Helicopter landing. The pilots stand behind these safety nets.

Near shot of Aerobatics plane taking off


3 RC planes in close airspace

3 RC planes in close airspace

3 RC planes in close airspace


RC Plane in a hard low altitude climb

Fly-In Story & Event Coverage

Flying inverted


Bringing it in for a safe landing

Closer shots of the Aerobatics planes as they taxi home


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