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Editor's Page

How About a SpoonOut?


   Although a lot of the hoopla has calmed down, there is still plenty of talk, and more than a little bit of hard feelings about all the Federal Bailouts. Without getting into or rehashing all that, I do understand why some would think they were necessary evils. We’re not going to go there. I only mention the Bailouts because I want to propose something on a smaller more local scale.

   After a culinary event at Patrick Henry Community College a while back, we talked to one of the resident chefs/instructors who also has a restaurant in the area. He made a point about the 10% tax on prepared food. His feeling was, if the tax were a little lower, it might entice more people to eat out more often. I was inclined to agree.

   So here is the suggestion. How about a government sponsored "Spoon Out" to help the restaurants? I don't mean a hand out. These restaurant owners don't need anything handed to them. They didn't do anything wrong. They didn't make bad loans. They are simply trying to run a small business. In most cases they are financially solvent, but struggling. In the current economy, luxury items are one of the first things where people cut back. Going out for a nice dinner is one of those items. To bring in more patrons, many restaurants have had to reduce their prices to the barest minimum margins. You can only sell a dollar for 95 cents for so long and still stay in business.

   What I am talking about it a tax break. Cut back the tax on prepared food by two or three percent. If the government would subsidize this concept with a lower tax rate on prepared food, people might spend more time and money dining out. In addition, if your dinner tab were a couple dollars lower you might either tip a little better, or have a couple more dollars to spend on extras like an appetizer or dessert.

   The additional revenue generated from these sales would stay in the community. The restaurants would sell more meals and therefore buy more from their suppliers. The owners would have more income to spend. The people who work at the restaurant, and count on tips for part of their income, would have a little more for their budget. All of which comes back in to the local area as revenue. Since all sales are taxable, albeit at different rates, the tax money wouldn't really be lost to the state or federal government, just brought in through different channels.

   While I am sure there are holes in my theory that would need to be adjusted, I still can't see any real down side to it.

   Just a thought. And now I am getting hungry. Know any good restaurants?


   In the editor's column "Hey brother can you spare a dime?" we proposed putting a dime in the collection box at the State Parks. On a recent trip to Occoneechee State Park since they already have a collection box and three-dollar admission in place, we put a dime were our mouth is.

   Just thought you might like to know.


   Thanks again to all who contributed to this issue, and please support our advertisers

WB Carver - Editor/Publisher      

   Opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the author. No endorsement by any advertisers or other parties is implied in any way.











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