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Confessions of a Pack-Rat
By Gert Slabach

Homecoming at DCC
(Focus on Alumni and Family) By Marie R. Harris

Container Gardening - Part 1
(Building a Raised Bed Garden)

Pun Intended
(Support Your Local SPCA & Win)

Lake Country Wine Festival (Photos)



Editor's Page
(A SpoonOut?)

Southside Gardener
(Monthly Tips & "To Do List")
By William H. McCaleb

Ask Bubba - Advice
Bubba Stuff



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April - June Events
Relay For Life 2010 Events

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Farmers Markets Listing (FMs in or near SSVA)

Venture Outdoors 2010 (PDF - Info/Flyer)

NRCS, USDA Funding for High Tunnels
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Confessions of a Pack Rat

  Gert Slabach has a confession to make. She says she is a Pack Rat. What to keep and treasure, and what to let go of to make more room in her life, is an experience she says has changed her outlook.
   In the next few months, Gert will share on the theme of Things That Keep Me Humble.
  Read this first installment in  "Confessions of a Pack Rat" >>>
By Gert Slabach


Container Gardening - Part 1
  Building a Raised Bed Garden

  If you ever wanted to give gardening a try, but didn't feel you had all the necessary tools and knowledge, this might be just the project for you.
  Not being expert gardeners, we were a little intimidated, but a raised Bed Garden seemed like something we could handle.
  With the help of some local resources, we are going to try to grow something besides weeds.
  Follow along in this series of gardening adventures as we fearlessly build a Raised Bed Garden and try to reap some healthy rewards from the result.
  Read Container Gardening - Part 1 >>>


Pun Intended

   When is a contest, not a contest?
   When you can play and everybody wins.
   What started out as a visual pun, turned into a way to help animals in local shelters.
   Check out this month's Pun Intended, meet Ruby (our four-legged spokes model), have a chuckle and help out your local animal shelter or SPCA. Play Pun Intended >>>


Danville Paint & Supply - Click To View Rebate Details




Lake Country Wine Festival

   On a Saturday in early April, beautiful weather contributed to the festival atmosphere as more than a dozen Wineries from across the Commonwealth came together in Clarksville to offer samples of their finest wines to a an appreciative crowd. Local Artisans displayed examples of their beautiful work while music filled the air.
   If you didn't make it out for day, here are some pictures of the 4th annual Lake Country Wine Festival. >>





Relay For Life 2010

   Relay Events in Southside Virginia & Northern North Carolina

   What is Relay For Life?

   Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature activity. It offers everyone in a community an opportunity to participate in the fight against cancer.
View "Relay For Live Event Listings" >>



Homecoming at Danville Community College

   Homecoming at DCC focuses on alumni and family members from Danville Technical Institute, Virginia Polytechnic Institute-Danville and Danville Community College, a group comprising over 75,000 individuals.
   The April 24, 2010 event is expected to be a big celebration. Learn more about DCC, the Homecoming, and the people who make it happen.
   Read Homecoming at Danville Community College >>>
By Marie R. Harris


Regular Columns



  Southside Gardener

  By William H. McCaleb

  Spring is here and there are plenty of things to do around the lawn and garden.
  The Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Southside Master Gardeners give us some suggestions. Plus some interesting facts about trees, shed some light (and shade) on why the air is cleaner in Southside Virginia.
  Check out the Southside Gardener. >>>



  Ask Bubba

  Ever since Bubbette ran off with the Milkman, Bubba has been getting sour on the subject of women and marriage.
  You decide if he is just being contrary or if he has some points worth considering in this month's edition of Ask Bubba >>>








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