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Spring Skate Competition

   On March 21st, a Skateboarding competition was held at the Philip Wyatt Memorial Skate Park in Danville.

   The event was co-sponsored by the Danville Department of Parks and Recreation,
Good Crowd at Skate park
Good Crowd at Skate park for the competition
New Earth Skateboard and Clothing Company of Danville and the Wyatt family.

   This was the second competition we had attended at the park.

   When we arrived cars lined the road for 100 yards approaching the park.

   Entering the park showed it to be a good turnout with a large crowd already in place.
Good clean fun?

   During warm-ups, you could tell the hard chargers by the dirt on their shirts and pants, looking like a baseball player who had just slid home.

   The weather cooperated, a far cry from the freezing temps of the fall skate competition. The competition was a good one with an enthusiastic crowd.

   We saw several skaters and their families we recognized from the previous competition. Two of these returning skaters, Eric Crews and Michael McCurdy went on to win first place in their divisions.

   Listening to the excited talk of the performances, we remembered Skateboarding has a language all its own as the waiting skaters and spectators alike described the stunts or moves performed by those on the course.
Rentz Brant (Left) celebrated his birthday by winning second in his division

   In addition to the usual festivities there was a birthday celebration complete with a skateboard theme cake. Rentz Brandt (Shown wearing a red shirt and black pants) wanted to celebrate his Birthday at the Skate Park, got his wish in a big way when the competition was held on the actual day of his birthday. Rentz who has only been skateboarding for about six months went on to take second in his division. He was supported by his mother, sister and younger brother who was also in the competition. We would say that was a pretty good birthday present.




   The high ramp nearly defeated several of the skaters.


   As the competitors pushed the limits of gravity, there were more than a few spills.

   After all the skaters had taken their rounds and the semi-finals run, the trophies for first and second place were presented, by Shane and Heather Bagbey of New Earth Skateboard with Jason Bookheimer from Danville Parks and Recreation announcing.

   Denise Wyatt presented special shirts to the third place winners.

   After the expected awards were presented, Jason announced an "un-advertised" award for "Best Crash." Dakota Southard received a nice Zero deck donated by New Earth. Shane said they decided to do this as a way to lift the spirits of the skater who "crashed and burned" the worst.

   Although looking serious in the pictures, the idea worked and turned a bad day into a good one for Southard. Dakota's father Brian said, "It might take a while to get the smile off his face."

   Shane Bagbey insisted, "This is a one-time deal. We didn't announce it as we didn't want to encourage anyone to try for the best crash."

   Once again, it was a great event and skaters and spectators alike left happy and looking forward to the next competition.

Photo Credits - Hope Wood and DSS Staff

More Photos - Gallery


Competition Results

First and second place finishers.
(L to R) Rentz Brandt, Michael McCurdy, Eric Crews, Doug Gaydon, Das Quinn & Bernardo Chavez.

12 & Under

  • 1st- Eric Crews
  • 2nd- Rentz Brandt
  • 3rd- Mason Jones


  • 1st Michael McCurdy
  • 2nd Bernardo Chavez
  • 3rd Christian Meeks

18 & Over

  • 1st Doug Gaydon
  • 2nd Das Quinn
  • 3rd Brandon Moser









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