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Bluebirds, Forgiveness, and Spring
By Gert Slabach

Philip Wyatt Skate Park
A Legacy of Giving
By WB Carver

Welcome Spring
By Tammy Tillotson

The Sport of Collecting
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Dana's Garden Spot (Business Profile)


Spring Skate Competition

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South Winds
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Southside Gardener
(April "To Do List")
By William H. McCaleb

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More Pest Control


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Ask Bubba

Bubba's Pest Control? - April 09


Dear Bubba,

   I got a bone to pick with ya.

   Most times, I think your advice is pretty much on track. But, last month your advice about gettin' rid of Lady Bugs, (The "Bubba-Nator" March '09) was a bit on the rough side. I mean suggesting a flame thrower to cure a bug problem is a bit much don't ya think?

   What's next - using a small nukeleer de-vice to get rid of mice?

Inferno, VA


Dear Burnie,

   While, Bubba will admit to comin' on a mite strong, ya gots to consider the size of yer problem.

   When it comes to a major infestuation of bug critters, is ya gonna live with 'em or gets rid of 'em?

   Lemme puts it another way. Betwixt a house full of the dern spotted demons and having to touch up yer paint a mite, what would say wuz the

   lesser of 2 weeviles

   Your call,



Dear Bubba,

   I got a pest problem of a diff-runt sort.

   I got some of them whatcha call Crackheads livin' next door to me. They got funny actin' folks comin' and goin' at all hours. They steal stuff from outta my shed, and anything I don't have locked up in the yard.
   I ain't really worried about them comin' in the house as I got my two hungry Pitbulls chained up close to the house.
   What I am worried about is that my pups are a bit what ya might call, rambunctious and I am afraid they might eat 'em. I mean the dawgs might eat the crackheads, not the other way around. What do ya thunk I should dew?

Fed Up
Chewsville, VA


Dear Fed Up,

   Welp, iffin it were Bubba's place, he would say give the pits some Pepto-Bismo for the heartburn and good riddance.

   Bubba does have wonderment though. If ya give them (the dawgs) a beer chaser, would that make 'em a "Barley Cracker".

   Sorry. Bubba couldn't resist.

   Bone Appetite,



Disclaimer: Use of the Bogus advice above is probably foolish.
Might be illegal and/or considered crewelty to aminals in some parts of the country it might even git ya shot.



That's all for this month.

If you have a question burnin' a hole in yer noggin, Bubba can help.

Just E-Mail Bubba


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