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Fleas No More!
By Gert Slabach

Freshwater Shrimp Harvest
(Local "Seafood" in Southside)

Oh, Christmas Tree
(Make getting a Christmas tree an event)

Daylight Foolish Time
(End the Madness)



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Southside Gardener
(Monthly Tips & "To Do List")
By William H. McCaleb

South Winds
(Bats in My Belfry)

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Freshwater Shrimp Harvest
  Local "Seafood" in Southside

  If you have never though of shrimp as "local seafood" in Southside Virginia, think again. As more Virginia Farmers look to unconventional crops, freshwater shrimp farms are becoming more common around the region. We visited one local farm for their Annual Shrimp Harvest & Sale to watch and learn. Join us as we spend a day at K&K Owen Farm and enjoy Southside Seafood from pond to plate.
  Read Freshwater Shrimp Harvest >>>


Fleas No More!

  When the first kitten showed up on her door step, Gert Slabach couldn't have known taking it in would be only the beginning of a long series of events. Along the way, she says, she learned a few things about cats, fleas and life in Southern Virginia.

  Read along as this story grows more than one tail in  "Fleas No More!" >>>
By Gert Slabach


  Daylight Foolish Time

  It's time for a wake-up call. The annual transition from daylight saving time to standard time has come once again.
Does anyone really benefit from this practice or has it outlived its usefulness?

  Many people and organizations think the time has come to end daylight saving time once and for all.
See what you think.
  Read Daylight Foolish Time >>>


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

   Getting a tree can be an Event for the whole family. Find places to go for choose & cut trees, holiday events, tips on selecting and caring for a tree and more >>> in Oh Christmas Tree >>






Regular Columns



  Southwinds (Bats in My Belfry)

   When an unexpected guest shows up before coffee, a normally cheerful disposition can turn a bit sour. See how one morning started off wrong in  this month's Southwinds. >>>

  Southside Gardener

  By William H. McCaleb

  Late fall is time to prepare your lawn and garden for the cold winter months ahead.
  The Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Southside Master Gardeners give us some suggestions on ways to keep your plants healthy. Here are this month's garden tips and To-Do's for Southside Virginia.
  Check out the Southside Gardener. >>>



  Ask Bubba - Cat Care 101

  With all the talk about helping animals, Bubba had to get into the act. This time he offers some "helpful" advice about pet care.
  Cat fancier or dog lover, you will lap up this month's edition of Ask Bubba >>>








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